We understand weddings (we've been there) and can take the stress out of prepping for your first meal as a couple. We have looked at your Pinterst boards and we can do it all. Whether you're looking for an elaborate roaring 20's theme, with mini sandwiches and lemon towers, or just a classic meat and potatoes meal, we've got your back.

Worried you will never see us after your wedding? Nope. We can enhance any event with food, may it be an open house, baby shower, birthday party, Christmas party, or anything in between. In need of some French Macarons or hors d'oeuvres for your next soirée, let us know. 

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I'm a description

After survival, food is pleasure. We host a small number of special events every year that bring out the best possible experience from great food and great people. There will always be multiple courses ranging from comfort to modern food, hand crafted beverages, and interesting conversation to accompany it all. Want to be the first to know? Subscribe below.

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