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Nathan & Alex Wright

Jessica Byrum Photography

  "Nathan and I spent a good amount of time researching caterers to use for our wedding. Before we had the opportunity to meet with you, we had committed to another company, however their professionalism wasn't up to our standards. Luckily for us, on the same day we let that caterer go we also met with our decorator/coordinator and we bumped into you! Cassie was gracious enough to introduce us to you and your business, and after our initial meeting I knew it would be a wonderful fit. Your quality in presentation, passion for food, and overall professionalism was absolutely outstanding! 


  There were so many great things about working with Elements Catering, but I think the biggest benefit was that we gave you a broad idea of what we were looking for, and with that information you not only put together a beautiful and delicious menu, but you completely handled everything else regarding the food with precision and care and without any hesitation. Working with Elements Catering took away so much stress and it was so nice knowing everything was being handled properly and with so much care!


  Working with Elements Catering was successful in so many ways. We were blown away with the charcuterie platters you put together for us - not only were they absolutely beautiful, but everything on them was delicious! You used amazing ingredients and introduced us to new and unique food and you set the platters up in such a way where they truly were the focal point of each table. Nathan and I are strong believers that food is a great way for people to come together, we really wanted our guests to engage with the food and thus engage with each other, rather than focus on their own individual plates. Overall, the catering was a huge success, we couldn't be any happier or more blown away with what you came up with. 


We would absolutely recommend Elements Catering to anyone in need, in fact, we have!"


Alex Wright

Open House/ Work Christmas Party/ Fundraiser

"I have now been to three events professionally catered by Elements Catering. This business has raw culinary talent in spades, along with the artistry and flexibility necessary to cater any event: small or large, casual or upscale. Elements Catering can provide seemingly endless mouth-watering and creative dish suggestions, but always graciously accepts customer suggestions to ensure complete satisfaction. At one event, for example, Elements Catering folded custom-shaped soft pretzels to dip in their home-made sauces. Their presentation is always beautiful, each dish more delicious than the last, and their prices are very reasonable. I strongly and whole-heartedly recommend Elements Catering."


Elinor Swanson​

Sarah & Tim's Wedding

Photographer: Paul Aspen

“When looking for a wedding caterer we wanted to find someone who could offer our guests a deliciously unique dining experience and Elements Catering absolutely surpassed our hopes - they were professional, creative, and fabulous all within the limited budget we had to work with. To this day, my husband and I hear feedback on how amazing the food was at our wedding. I’m so grateful we were able to work with a caterer who grasped our vision and served our guests a truly memorable meal. One of the best wedding planning decisions we made was hiring Elements Catering!"


Sarah Legacy

Art House Cinema & Pub - Phase 2

Photographer: Ed Kemmick 

“We knew we needed something unique in flavor and prevention that would knock our customers away with taste and that’s why we choose Elements Catering for our Phase 2 Fundraising Kick off.  Josh was continually excited to try new things, listen to crazy ideas, and work within a budget and because of those “elements” everything went off with out a hitch.


On a night that carried so many variables and potential missteps, it was a beautiful thing to know the food was going to out of the world and go off without a hitch.  The food was the star of the night and helped make our fundraiser the kind of success we dreamed of.


I had an idea of what everything would taste like when we talked through the menu, but when I actually tasted it, I was blown away.  Simple ingredients made to perfection with some flair that I’d never seen before with this type of menu.  All I wanted was more and more and more…"


Matt Blakeslee - Owner of Arthouse Cinema & Pub​​