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Chef Jordan

Hello, my name is Jordan Hodson and I am the executive chef of Elements Catering. I have always had an intimate love affair with food… not just for survival, but also for enjoyment. The opportunity to turn my passion into my work is both humbling and exciting. My hope is that my work trough Elements Catering allows me to share my passion with the world around me.  


Food has a unique ability to connect us. Humans have always gathered around food to experience life together, whether it is a quiet meal with friends or a massive gathering of celebration. It can also bring out a certain joy in us. There are few feelings better than biting into your favorite meal or having a taste of something delicious and new. Sometimes, these two things combine to make a meal particularly memorable.  


Our goal at Elements Catering is to provide this experience with every meal we make. We believe that some of the best memories in life are molded when we marry connection to people and the joy we get get from food. Creating these memories is at the heart of our desire to work with you to make your event perfect. We are thrilled to have the chance to see our food bring connection and joy.